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Introducing RydeSmart on Mobile Platforms:

RydeSmart mobile applications enables access to real-time vehicle tracking data and maps, allowing to track assets 24/7/365 from your Apple iPad or iPhone.

To download RydeSmart mobile apps, please click here

RydeSmart: Ryder's Web-based Fleet Management Tool

Do you know where your fleet is at all times? Do you know how each vehicle is performing?   With RydeSmart, a full-featured GPS telematics solution, your fleet performance is maximized.

Easily monitor each of your vehicles directly from the web and eliminate the hassle of reporting Interstate Fuel Tax (IFT). RydeSmart allows you to monitor vehicle operators to improve MPG, reduce idle times, and improve fleet efficiency.   Accurate mileage and performance data are available whenever you need it.

Lower operating expenses, provide better customer service and increase your profitability with RydeSmart's innovative, powerful and easy-to-use technology.

Ways RydeSmart 3.0 Can Enhance Your Fleet's performance:

  1. Locate immediately your entire fleet or just one vehicle
  2. Access on-board event recording as well as on-demand vehicle route-history replay
  3. Develop customized landmarks and use geo-fencing
  4. Access interactive maps with multiple display options, including a "bird's eye" view
  5. Compile a wide variety of vehicle and driver performance reports
  6. Send and receive messages
  7. Keep you compliant with DOT's latest HOS rules and regulations

For a detailed brochure of the benefits of RydeSmart, go here